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Meet Dr. Phillip Levy

First aesthetics botox® Doctor in Switzerland

Geneva-based Dr. Phillip Levy heads one of Europe’s most prestigious private practices. His career-long mission has been to help his patients delay cosmetic surgery, by reversing the visible signs of ageing and restoring their skin’s natural youthful glow.

A dermatologist by training, Dr. Phillip Levy is Switzerland’s number 1 aesthetics botox® Doctor and is recognized as one of the world’s pioneer in non-surgical aesthetic treatments. He was the first private clinician to introduce into Switzerland as early as 1995 aesthetic Botox®, and CO2 laser resurfacing, and subsequently pain-free hyaluronic acid injections.

One of his most famous inventions is the trademarked Nefertiti Lift®, which re-contours and straightens the jawline without surgery, and is taught in nearly all aesthetics conferences around the world.

In parallel, his passion for dermatology drove him to search for non-invasive skin treatments that could complement the extraordinary clinical results from injections. He set himself a new ambitious objective: to help stimulate the skin’s own extraordinary youth-enhancing healing process – usually triggered by heavy skin laser interventions – but without actually “wounding” the skin.

With the discovery of dermal stem cells in 2009 Dr. Phillip Levy could finally harness nature’s most powerful anti-wrinkle system: the skin’s own anti-ageing system.