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Swisscode takes pure, active ingredients and blends them into powerful concentrated serums that actively improve the skin’s moisture and radiance.These pure concentrations in a gentle yet powerful serum moisturise and boost the skin’s regenerative process.

Designed to complement and enhance your normal daily skin regime, just a few drops are all you need for a gentle boost towards visibly radiant skin

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Original price was: £160.00.Current price is: £128.00.

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Original price was: £90.00.Current price is: £72.00.
Original price was: £90.00.Current price is: £72.00.
Original price was: £160.00.Current price is: £128.00.
Original price was: £160.00.Current price is: £128.00.
Original price was: £160.00.Current price is: £128.00.

Using the latest scientific research and active ingredients, Swisscode products have been created to address the skin’s varying needs with formulas that easily fit into any existing skincare routine.

Only the best ingredients and cutting-edge formulas are used to craft this bespoke-like range which is made up of two primary lines; the Pure line and the Bionic line.

The Pure line features a collection of seven concentrates designed to decode and combat the skin’s ageing processes. Each concentrate focuses on a particular issue such as dehydration, uneven pigmentation or premature ageing, and successfully infuses the skin with a high level of the most effective ingredient for that issue, in its purest form;

  • Pure Hyaluron provides intense hydration
  • Pure Kiribirth tackles pigmentation
  • Pure Vitamin F Forte repairs damaged or weakened skin
  • Pure Genistein targets slowing collagen production
  • Pure MPC takes a multi-level approach to ageing
  • Pure Repair Complex improves the skins immune function
  • Pure Dynalift HYA provides an instant radiance boost to combat tired skin

The other half of Swisscode is the Bionic line; a smaller collection of three active concentrates and essences formulated using a combination of innovative plant stem cells. These plant stem cells have been shown to aid everything from collagen production to UV protection, so each formulation utilises them in a starring role to address more severe skin issues day after day.

Swisscode truly combines some of the most complex and innovative Swiss technology with the ease and simplicity of a basic routine but with results that are most definitely of cosmeceutical quality.