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Clinisoothe+ actively combats the effects of the exposome on the skin. These products are clinically proven to reduce redness, soothe skin, calm breakouts and provide cleansing antimicrobial protection.

The ‘exposome’ refers to the social and environmental factors a person is exposed to from the moment they are born until they die. These include nutrition, pollution, UV radiation, virus, bacteria and more.

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Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier protects and purifies your skin from environmental pollutants that cause ageing, breakouts and irritation.

Our formula uses advanced hypochlorous technology which soothes and calms the skin on the face and body, balancing redness and promoting rapid skin recovery, with visible results.

We recognise that skin problems are unique, and for some people, they don’t just affect the face. This is why our gentle formula has a skin neutral pH and can be applied anywhere on the face or body where breakouts, irritation and redness occur.